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Why is this not working?


6/24/2022 2:44:05 PM


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These are the hiding Unicode characters in your code that is preventing it from working. a = 2 CR LF Print U+200B(a)


to be a bit more precise: between the character "t" and the opening parenthesis "(" is a so called "ZERO WIDTH SPACE" U+200B (dec: 8203) that is illegal for python code.


Hi Hashiiem Yes as Jayakrishna🇮🇳 has stated simply change the t in your print statement. Edit: The t appears fine but I noticed I have to double back space to remove the t. So there is a hidden character in your code. That can happen if you copy from a word document. It is often best to type everything instead of copy and paste to avoid such errors.


rewrite code atleast t Your, t is in invalid farmat.. edit: May you copied from a net source...!!


There is problem in print command to solve this code rewrite line 2