Can't weapons be closed by default? Can't decline option say goodbye forever? Can't expiring challenges make one lose xp? | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Can't weapons be closed by default? Can't decline option say goodbye forever? Can't expiring challenges make one lose xp?

SoloLearn, you have brought drastic changes in the life of challengers. Negative or positive that's a different issue. I would request that when a new account is opened, all weapons should be closed by default. If the user later wants to open any weapon, he/she can do that. Also, sending challenges and then declining when losing is really making us lose our patience now. So, please, also disable this option for us. Last but not the least, -1 XP FOR DECLINING A CHALLENGE if decline stays. Also -1 XP FOR EXPIRING A CHALLENGE. We really need these three things to be done asap!!! 🦁

6/24/2022 1:30:04 PM


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Maybe i cannot access sololearn for several days why should i lose points for challenge expired? Also some of us simply dont have time for storms. Some of us work in IT and in their free time need to do sth else besides programming, challenges and so on. Im strongly advocating against -1XP for declined and expired challenge


Weapons are by default in off state. When you start course, the weapon is opened automatically.. You can on/off weapons any time..


Me I am for a -1XP for declined challenges. -1XP for epired challenges is not fair. Coz some of us have stessfull days.... and do not have the time or/and concentration to respond on challenges. Today also someone declined 1 only .rb challenge I ve sent him and why ?? I think coz he has watched my profile and saw that I m not bad in .rb challenges. And I think that it's nonesense to decline 1 challenge, coz we do no more loosing XP's when the challenge Partner will win the challenge. Peeps which are declining 1 only chall. don't want that their chall. partner will earn 5 XP's ... and that's for me very pityful.


Weapons are closed by default, then are unlocked whenever you start a course, if I recall


Hi JOY those are great suggestions. Please email [email protected] with your ideas in case you have not do so already.


JOY, completely agree with your suggestions. I'm not really up to date with all the changes concerning the XPs. Does that also mean that you'll be at the top of the Global All Time list forever, because it's a lot harder to get XPs? 🤔


JOY Have a good example why may be chall. will also expire. You ve just sent me some chall. which will expire in 5 hours. What if I wouldn't have had the time for SL before the late afternoon. Then chall would have been expired and I would have lost for each expired chall -1XP ?? Would not be fair at all . I even do not understand how it is possible that chall. are expiring at diff. times.


Yes sir I agree with this suggestion People tend to let our challenges rather than declining it sometimes leaving us with the hope that they will do it later but rather they let it expired


Whats a weapon? 🤓


Jay Bernard it's what Sololearn has chosen to label the coding language for a challenge. Not a great idea, I know.


JOY Thx for ur understanding. I totally agree with you that peeps which are first asking for chall. storms, for then letting them expire have to loose -1XP pro each expired chall. I also would find it just fair that the opposite profile will get +1XP for each expired chall. for the lost time they ve spent with sending chall. storms.


Hey bros and sises, May be that, sometimes... or often, I m a little bit behind in realizing things. I ve realized that we will earn more XP's for learning lessons as we are earning for completed challenges. Do not understand why SL wanna split the community. Don't know if SL is realizing that their new rules are leading to stop, slowly but sure, interactions from the community...?? Hmmm !!




Modi bro don't really know caz I can neither play much also my movement is now slower than ants in the leaderboard. Chris Coder I'll email 👑 Prometheus 🇸🇬 , Jayakrishna🇮🇳 , I forgot. in that case they shouldn't be opened when a course is open K1auDIa KaDaM0UR0 I've just proposed. and I can understand. Ok, no -1 for expiring but -1 for declining