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Problem In Console Layer.

In New update , Console Layer is hiding My code's last elements . You Can See in My code given below how the last Button is hid by Console . It is happening almost all my codes after New update. Please Comment below If you are Troubling same.

4/9/2017 5:14:48 AM


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Yes, a console layer is showing even no output is provided inside it... and if logging some things, the layer grow but without cover all screen ^^ ( need to scroll it to see next hidden lines ) We can hope that Sololearn improve his console handler by providing a way to hide/show it, and totally hide it by default since no output is provided inside :P Maybe if someone suggest it to them more directly than in a post in Q&A discussions will be more efficient ;)


@Burey Did you update SoloLearn App? It is happening in new update.


😱😱Wow 😱😱 . Really. It is a problem or Any Other thing. I can't explain. 😬😟😟


Thanks Krishna Sir .It helps Now :)


Because Now I put <br/> tag 3 times in the last . So code is got up now.Same in Krishna's code.


That's why I put <br><br><br> at the end of my Hello World code.


no console log for me galaxy s5 android 6.0.1


Yeah that's really a problem. I agree.


yup i am in updated SoloLearn no console log on your code and none on Krishna's


unrelated to <br /> tags @Ayush console log does not appear for me at your code at all on other codes it does....but not on yours or on Krishna's also removed those <br /> tags and still no console


thank you 😀


@Claude Dumont: In browsers (not in app'), you encounter this problem only if you try to output undefined without casting to string: in app' and in real console (in codeplayground website console output is bypassed and displayed as html content), such output is correctly displayed, but in codeplayground browser context, you need to explicitly (or half-explicitly) cast such undefined as string: var test; console.log(test); // no output console.log(String(test)); // 'undefined' console.log(''+test); // 'undefined' Obviously, don't try to use .toString() method, as undefined variable doesn't have any ^^


galaxy s7 with chrome: not all the results are displayed. undefined not displayed...