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Problems in Challenges

1. If there is an interruption in between like calls, the challenge won't get paused and goes on which results in time out! 2. A single lose is greater than 10 or more wins for those who have lots of XP in the corresponding language.

4/9/2017 1:58:15 AM

Siddharth Saraf

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I'm antisocial IRL, so no problems for me on (1), but I believe our devs are working on this issue. Please be antisocial IRL for the moment. As for the latter, it's the challenge algorithm. You can do a lookup in the discuss section for more info.


I am on Android Marshmallow and Win10x32


I think the first on will be solved soon. Many Sololearners reported it. Coming to the second, a loss is 30 times painful than a win for Sololearners having decent amounts of XP in the respective course. It used to be +5 XP and -32 XP before but only +1 XP and -32 XP now. I don't think this will be changed.


Siddharth are you on Android, Windows or iOS? And what's the version of your OS?


Ohh ok, I asked you this because I'm having this problem too and @Kuba kindly explained to me on my previous post (I'm attaching it) that my OS was too old, but newer versions can get the app update that includes an advanced notification management system. I guess, it hasn't been resolved then... but I'm positive they're working on it 😊