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C#.I need your help!

In this program if string letter exists in the array words it displays the word containing the letter. How can I make the program to output "No match" one time if the letter is not exist in the all array? using System; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace Code_Coach_Challenge { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { string[] words = { "home", "programming", "victory", "C#", "football", "sport", "book", "learn", "dream", "fun" }; string letter = Console.ReadLine(); int count = 0; for(count=0; count<10; count++) { if(words[count].Contains(letter)) Console.WriteLine(words[count]); } } } //your code goes here }


5/28/2022 6:14:47 AM

Vafidis Vaios

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Well you can have a boolean variable which is set to false by default . And you can set it to true in the if statement in the for loop ( if your program finds the word the boolean will be set to true ) . You can check if the boolean is false with an if statement OUTSIDE the loop and if it was false you can output no match. here is how i did it https://code.sololearn.com/cOlK6R7G4Fi0/?ref=app


You shouldn't be using and modifying variable <count> in the for...loop. You should instead create and use another variable dedicated as the loop counter. The only time when you should modify (increment) <count> is when you found an array <words> element that contains <letter>. Once you're finished with the loop, you go use `if` conditional to verify whether <count> value was zero which indicates no match was found And when <count> was actually zero, you go print that "No match" on the screen.


Thanks a lot...I finally managed to solve it, with your help!!!


I tried the ! Operator but it displays the message "No match" for every index not including the letter. I just want to do this only one time if the letter is not included in the 10 indexes!