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React Js, .Net Core

Hey guys, I am going to build a complex project using React JS(front-end), .Net Core(back-end) and MS SQL. I want to base on a tutorial a little bit which help me to build my project. Does anybody know where I can find one please? Thank you very much!

4/24/2022 11:26:12 PM


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complex is built from simple. If those tutorials are too simple, maybe it means you don't need tutorials anymore? Just use what you know and build your project. microsoft docs have a tutorial.


Best to search google for that.


Chris Coder Well I did search on google before posting this. But all I can find are very simple projects which they don’t help me very much so that’s why I asked in here in case anybody can help me find a complex project using the techs that I mentioned.


Bob_Li Thank you for you answer