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So <div> is outdated?

Found some lessons that still use it, but here at SoloLearn i saw that its been replaced with <article>, <section>...

4/7/2017 5:54:25 AM

Nathnael Tezera

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<div> </div>is never outdated. i heavily depend on it to manipulate html page both using CSS and Javascript.


Not outdate, just you have new containers to describe more specifiquely the structure of your website. But you can't use new tag everywhere it would have no sens to write: <footer> <footer> They are really there to globally define the main structure, not the specific inside them.


they are like containers. If you declare a class or an Id in the container and then you modify the container through the class name, you will modify all elements that are inside the container.


Need a new <div> legion? Agus ever provide the baseline: div never outdate


thank you all