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Is studying HTML useful?

studying HTML , CSS and JavaScript is useful for website building ....

4/7/2017 1:51:51 AM

Abhijth Subash

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yea for websites its what you need to know


Yes Definitely, in fact these 3 are the building blocks of any modern website.


html is useful to learn, as it demonstrates the structure of a website. like others have said html, css and js are important to learn in order to create your own website from scratch by using html. css is used to make the website look good and eye catching to the viewers of the website. Js is used to make a website more interactive. Hope this helps


Before anything else before you learn html you should know the outcome form learning if you dont want to create website or not interested in technology well, dont learn it is common sense. "If you want to build someting, start from learning to build it." - W.Gonzaga