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whatsup with all the wannabe hackers on here?

4/6/2017 4:08:41 AM


7 Answers

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Wanna fly a plane before they learna' crawlin' stuff. Darn kids these days. *smokes cookies*


The worst hackers are those, who try to hack Facebook accounts with html😂😂


@kamil how do u hack fb account with html


Welp, Programming is the start when you wanna hack but if they're being teached how to program and they say "Cool, how do I hack" or "Hey bud I think I know how to hack now" thats probably the worst thing I would ever hear, but either way I don't like Script Kiddies because they say "IM GONNA DDOS YOU, YOU MO********" and they're always aggressive. As they say With Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility


@Kamil 12 year old kids like me are probably messing up with Inspect Elements 😂 (I'm very different from those kids lol) @Hatsy Rei Sure if ya know how to fly a plane


Here is my view on hacking: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/563537/?ref=app


I remember a hysterical 9-year-old on Roblox who wanted to change her rank on one of her groups by using the inspect feature, so I attempted to convince her not to but she didn't care. So I thought "let's have some fun with this dunce" and I said in the chat, 'FYI it's coded in c# yknow' and she was like "yeah". Two seconds later I spammed excessive laughing in the chat and pointed out that it was made with ruby. She was mad and she thought that it really WAS made with ruby so again I spoiled it and I repeated this process till she raged and unfriended me. Hardy har har, toddlers should know better. Apparently they just exaggerate the future. 😅