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GitHub repository

Hello, need someone to guide me through posting my projects on GitHub.

1/28/2022 12:35:20 PM


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Set up an account, read the stuff in and do some courses from Make sure you get familiar with Git too - have at hand. Then, bring here specific questions if you need.


I'd recommend taking course about Git if you want publish your project, although you can publish it manually, but it is not good in practice.



Thank you guys


FOR YOU THIS IS THE EASISEST WAY THOUGH THIS IS NOT RECOMMENEDED 1. GO TO 2. Create an account . Just set a password and email 3. Click create new repository 4. Then click add files 5. There will be prompt asking you which files to upload 6. Select them 7. OR you can just drag and drop them at repository 8. Click commit changes or upload 9. That's all 10. This way of uploading isn't recommended 11. Learn git and upload files to GitHub


Daphine Here you go . Here is a community lesson . On how to create a repository on github . Visually. Thought the title is git bs github. It explains how to create a repository