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Python code

Why this code does not run in Python?


1/27/2022 9:51:31 AM

Amir L

9 Answers

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Your program requires two inputs So you should enter the two inputs in separate lines Like John Smith Output will be Hello John Smith


Muhammad Right, thank you 🤍


Run this code to understand how SoloLearn handles inputs


You're welcome bro 😊Amir L


I got easier solution , instead of using two input function , assign only one input and add .split() to it and and store in two different variables 👍🏼


In Sololearn you have to specify input once before the start of the program. That is way your program gives a weird output.


ravilnicki I know. But in SoloLearn you can not get two inputs! I enter the first input but I have no way for the second input.


Like Muhammad said. When you have more than one line of input you have to specify it on a seperate lines.


Amir L To get several inputs ​​you need to write them from a new line.