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Does a computer server needs to be 24h/24 online ?

Hello, I heard that a server it can be in data center or even your computer configured bu Apache, Ubuntu and so on… to be a specific server such as web server, mail server, game server… The question is, if you give to someone access to server or rent it, do you need to let it on all time like not shutting it down ? and another question is when you rent it, do you still have access to it ? (like open WORD, make research on in internet). Please if someone is expert, I am confused.

1/24/2022 10:08:47 PM

Agt Reda

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+3 Maybe this can help, about your access to data i think you can, but i am not sure 100%, probably is written when you try to buy, thay need to tell all information user ask for, for more info you can also send email and ask for. To writte all time we use 24/7 😉 24 hours per 7 week day


Schindlabua if I understand the question correctly the OP thinks about renting out his computer as a server.


Simon Sauter Oh yeahh I totally misunderstood that then... You can configure windows so two people can be logged in at the same time via remote desktop. Only give the second login to your close mates though ;) And not to strangers on the internet, you'll be hacked.


What does the second "24" stand for?


Simon Sauter Bro cmon you know it, it is 24 hour.


I assumed that's what the first "24" stands for?


Yup as soon as you shut it down it's offline and no longer reachable. You don't *need* to run it 24/7 but if your webserver is offline, people visiting your website will see a sad smiley in the browser. :( If you rent a "server" from somebody else, then you can do whatever you want with it. It's basically a normal computer (probably virtual), and you can even install word if that's what you want. It's just not what you normally do with a server. The advantage of renting is that the big company is operating 24/7 and knows what to do if their data center burns down. Many data centers also offer just "mail servers" or just "game servers". In that case you don't have access to a machine, so you can't do whatever you want with it. There'll be some computer running for example apache and you can configure the apache installation through some web interface, but you never get to see the computer "underneath". So, no windows desktop and no ssh connection like you get it with a proper vserver.


Ofcourse yes


Schindlabua when someone uses remote desk. do they have their own session or what


Agt Reda Yeah. Usually only one person can be logged in at a time, but you can configure windows to allow for two simultaneous sessions (but no more than two) iirc. I've never tried it myself and that info is a few years old, things may have changed with win10/win11. I'm sure google would know more about that :)