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i was wondering how you guys get the ideas of coding posts. I'm learning Java and i solve the practice problems, but it doesn't really help me to improve my coding skills. I see the trending Java coding posts and ideas blows my mind. So....How to get creative? P.S I always learn without applying so i wanted to break this routine. :)

1/23/2022 9:57:44 AM


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You can start creativity by first being practical. What are some projects you can/could code that you might use? Sure, there are a thousand currency converters, but not one that you have made (for example). What about something that tells you the weather, in any given city? After you have started a few ideas like these, you can start to notice some things that maybe you would really like... or take the ideas up a notch. You could start putting ideas into a game - players choose 2 cities and the one with the highest rainfall wins! And so on...


Of course! The more you code, the more you'll be able to translate a real life problem to lines of code because you've become more versed in the syntax and methods.


You either are or are not. You can't really teach creativity. For the uncreative, just make other people's ideas


Actually that really helps! Thank you so much Ausgrindtube !


I agree with that creativity is not taught. However, experience may help, right?