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hello guys- i wanna ask- now i have 2000++ bits in sololearn- *that's a lot for me HAHHAHAHAHA- bcs im saving it all the time but i dont know how to spend them all- i need your opinion >< A. spend it/ use it to work on the course/code project B. dont spend it- collect it MORE :0 C. try new course and use it to try code (5 bits to try code) what do you think? which one is the best? THANKS-

12/4/2021 4:59:08 AM


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I now have nearly 7k bits. I tried some code bits before, but it's very costly relative to the speed of collection of bits. So I think it's better to save then for now


Celine Jessica yes have a look here, I have shown that https://www.sololearn.com/post/1409109/?ref=app SoloProg it still feels like yesterday when I saved 650 bits to unlock a code bits practise, but in no time I got these much of it


I now have 145 bits. Poor solo learner .. Crying TT


omg nearly 7k???!! how can it be? •o• thanks for your advice Rishi