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How to create Grocery shopping cart

Case study 1: Grocery Shopping cart:(Core Java) 1. Create a grocery shopping cart which will allow you to add grocery items to the cart. 2. Below are the functionalities your application should have: 1. Can add as many items you want to the cart. 2. You should be able to view all the items you have added to the cart. 3. You should be able to modify the list by replacing a certain items in the cart. 4. You should be able to remove any item from the cart. 5. The application must display if a certain item is present in your cart or not(Basically find an item functionality). 3. The user class should have the below: 1. User should be able to see the list of options they can choose from. 2. It should take input from the user on the go to access an option from the above list. 3. The list of options should have a quit option. And your application must run until the user select the option to quit.

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Where is your solution?



John Delvin That is pure Code Java so why django or react?


That question isn't that difficult but it became a habit of other wiser community members to always say first that first show your attempt . By the way , how many classes are needed for this program except User ?


Using core java


Please take a look at the forum rules: Take a look at these guides on how to ask a question. Please always tag the language you're asking about.


A͢J - S͟o͟l͟o͟H͟e͟l͟p͟e͟r͟ i skipped something while reading the queston.


That's a nice tricky project !