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I don't want streak while login

Is there any way I can login without streak? I want to come in Sololearn once in a while but if I get streak I feel like maintaining it and tend to login daily. I understand this question is a bit weird but any help will be appreciated.

11/30/2021 4:51:13 AM

Tapabrata Banerjee

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There's is not any proper way for this but you can use a trick to do this *don't open sl for a day so that you lose your streak *after losing the streak do not open sl for a few more days (3 to 4days) Then you will not get your daily streak if you login for only 1 to 2 times a day **remember if you will open sl multiple times in a day after losing the streak then you will get your streak


Sololearn is bit addictive actually especially when there is some stffs you do and go well i guess. I don't have a way to help with your question bro but I'd rather contribute my thoughts, 🤗 I think You can continue to come once in a day (a minute or couple) in sl and keep the streak flow.


The thing you can do is that download sololearn application and than open sololearn but not your profile. You'll get the streak but don't focus on it much. Visit some codes and than close off your sololearn. This is the best thing to do if we want to stay away from streak. My streak is around 250+ but I don't even see it regularly, I only visit sololearn to learn rather than streaks and all that fancy xp stuff.


Don't you understand that that's the point of "streaks", it's to make you feel like you're completing something without actually doing anything. Just another thing like XP or the little badge that signifies your level. All just little tricks to keep you coming back. And it sounds like they work!!!


Harsh [Inactive ✅] but I once got the daily streak for logging once in a day 🙁


Just turn off your notifications and alerts 🥲


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