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Who can say what happened with my small project!

https://code.sololearn.com/cpZdRK4r7fV1/?ref=app It bug very much ;-; (No error)

11/26/2021 12:52:26 PM

Akkarawut 5105

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Line 6, 13, 27 take out the sleep times and it's running. I think we do not get enough CPU time from SL for all this sleeps.


Yes, it's running line by line. But it cost time to run a program. And SL gives you only a small amount of time for each run. And sleep time is also processing time.


Ur programs has no problem... Sololearn emulator for somereason doesnt support this... Try using another emulator like Pydroid3


Ramprasad : Listen up (lol + smile) I try on Pydroid3 before try to run in Sololearn pub:IIEC


Coding Cat : So this application doesn't run code line by line!!


I've tried it with 0.1 sleep time at each line. Therfore you will get results. But that's nearly the max value before you get a time out (No Output).