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dead end

Random task! You need to calculate the number of hours in 888 minutes. Your program needs to output the number of hours and then the number of remaining minutes, on separate lines. For example, 72 minutes are equal to 1 hour and 12 minutes, so your program would output: 1 12

11/22/2021 8:51:16 AM

'Πλάτωνας Μπ'

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'Πλάτωνας Μπ' It is only a dead end if you stop searching Please review the operators // floor and % modula. Example 10//3 =3 10%3=1


'Πλάτωνας Μπ' , you have not started any tutorial here for learning. how can you try to solve a code coach exercise that is part of a tutorial? it is practice 6.2 in python for beginners.


'Πλάτωνας Μπ' , the facts are that you have registered about 11 hours ago for sololearn. => your activity feed does not show anything which you have started to learn => your courses progress in the profile also shows nothing


as a matter of fact I have started tutorials for learning


Lothar seems to be a case of the progress tracking/display bug. You can tell from their badges that they must have started a course.