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Am I missing something?

You need to make a program for a leaderboard. The program needs to output the numbers 1 to 9, each on a separate line, followed by a dot: 1. 2. 3. ... I did use """ or \n. The output is same. But the is not correct answer.

11/9/2021 10:20:32 AM

Jeffrey Lee

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c = 0 for i in range(10): c += 1 print(f"{c}.") Try this


I don't understand your error right. Can you share your code so that me or someone else can see what's wrong?


Hi, sorry. It is weird. I exit the program. And login again now the output is correct. Thanks


What do you mean


Rajdeep Singh his code didn't work when asking the question, but now it's working fine


Rishi ok