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What is upvote ?

4/2/2017 3:10:34 PM

Vikas Yadav

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When you post some codes, comments, questions or answers, there are two buttons. One is like 🖒 & other is dislike🖓. 🖒 is a upvote & 🖓 is a downvote. In simple words, an upvote means one like.


Upvote is to encourage the writer that his content is knowledgeable and accurate hence you upvote the answer to encourage the writer. Downvote is disliking abusive inaccurate and non subject matters to improve the quality of the website. Always upvote good content and downvote inaccurate content to make the community better. in the latest update the questioner can also tick the answer as the best answer.


I just upvoted this post. Upvote is like and Downvote is dislike.



if u like someone post just give thumb up..