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How can ads be turned of?


10/25/2021 10:55:06 AM


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Buy Sololearn PRO! Try To Understand! If Sololearn Doesn't Show Ads, From Where Will It Earn From?


There are several ways. 1) The most 'legal' and easy: buy pro subscription. 2) Try to find a modified APK of Sololearn in the internet. This method is not recommended as you might end up with a not working app or you might download some shady stuff. 3) Root your phone and install AdAway or any other ad blocker. Most reliable yet most time-demanding method. Some adblockers also work rootless. 4) On the latest android versions (9-11 for sure, don't know about 12, probably yes) in system settings you can change your private DNS server to '' or one of the similar ones. This method I am using by myself, however, it is not supported by older android versions/some phones and may cause some additional issues (e.g. I am not able to use some public Wi-Fi networks that have Captive Portal authentication with private DNS turned on). Hopefully, this helps.


Yeah, I know when the app started was free and unlimited, but I had few things. Now it's a great application to learn programming, meet developers, share your ideas, courses. The creators need to earn by their dedication to improve the app


Artem The 4th option worked Thanks man


TØÑY[INACTIVE]☑️☑️ Good Question, the answer is a bit technical, but I have 2 ideas that might help : 1. Root your device and enable firewalld and block anything and everything you want. 2. Buy a raspberry pie, for details follow the link below: Sancho Godinho Have you ever purchased a subscription for WhatsApp?


Sancho Godinho Exactly, because it's free, where do you think the owner Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook gets the funds to make WhatsApp run for free? Facebook along with Alphabet aka Google makes money running services for free is selling our data. In short, I'm suggesting that SoloLearn do the same above board.