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Data Scientist

What to learn to be a Data Scientist? I want to start as an Analyst. So where do I begin with? I want to complete the softwares which can get me a break into the industry.

10/24/2021 5:21:39 PM

Abhinay Kumar Singh

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If you go to the learn section, click the language name in the top. then click "discover new courses" – there you'll find some programming course that sololearn recommends for data science


Kaggle is great for data science inshort


Thank you all for your responses. I have started with python 😃


Nice initiative 👍


First learn python, then R and then you can find the data science course in the 'discorver new courses' section.


A great place to start would be the Data Science course as it teaches you very important concepts of data science and analysis and teaches how to work with popular Python libraries used literally everywhere when talkin about data analysis. Another way to gain knowledge of this topic would be to do your own research on the internet. The world of data science is unlimited, so be curious and always reach for the stars.