Hello everyone, can i ask what is the best code language for beginners? Just doing some advance learning for future purposes. Ty | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Hello everyone, can i ask what is the best code language for beginners? Just doing some advance learning for future purposes. Ty

10/24/2021 2:41:24 PM

Alexander James Timbol

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Your first question should be: what do I want to develop?? After answering this, you should search for a language that is able to do what you want. Do you like websites but only frontend (Visible parts related)? Start learning the concepts and later move on HTML CSS and Javascript Do you like what is in the back scenes of a website (backend)??? Start learning the concepts of server side and later move on Javascript(Node.js) or php or many others.. Do you like games?? Start learning about c++ or c# Mobile apps? Ios, android?? MAchine learning?? There are infinite questions. Just go for a roadmap of what you get satisfied doing


Python is a fun language with very easy and clean syntax to understand and yet it is also one of the most widely used programming language (Google and YouTube uses Python a lot).  C++ is also best language for beginners. It also has concepts like Pointers which many languages don’t have. C++ is not very easy to learn and not too hard also. So, I think there will a smooth balance for the person when he/she will switch to some other language in the future.


Python is beginner friendly


Arun Jamson Well, I guess that all Googles services uses Python, a lot or a little And about C++, I guess that it should be a little confuse and hard for a begginer, if I choose a C-family language for begginers, it should be C# 🤔 But, it is just my opnion about it




In my opinion i believe you should start python.Python is one of the most important code language in the world, and if you are interested in programming its a must to learn this language.Also its relatively easy for beginners to learn so you won't have any trouble understanding the code!!


I would also go with python, has so much potential


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Python is the best language for beginners. And easy to learn also.


If it is a beginner to coding then learn HTML first. Python is best for programmers.


Well, in my opnion, I recommend Python, because is more easy for a begginer, is simplificate and is a General-Propurse But, it depends of what area you will choose


Python for begginerrs


Python is easy to learn for beginners with the support of the c language But if they need to learn object-oriented programming Core Java plays a vital role Python also uses java terminology and keywords ex: super is used to call superclass method and constructor in java Python also do almost same thing