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[Solved] What Exactly Are Algorithms?

I Want To Know About What Actually Are Algorithms...(In Python)

10/24/2021 9:33:16 AM

Sancho Godinho

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Any code you write to do something (solve a problem) is an algorithm. it's simply the steps to solve the problem (the statements should be arranged in the right order). There are many ways to solve the same problem (example: to sort an array or a list you can check the list and swap the values in different ways but at the end you will get the same correct result if the algorithm implemented correctly) the deference between sorting algorithms are in the time it takes or the memory. It's better to use the existing and commonly used algorithms if they can get you the correct result (output) you need, because they will usually be better than the code you will write from scratch. (if other programmers see your code they will understand it better, and you can mention the name of the algorithm you used, for example quick sort or merge sort, and you can choose the best algorithm for your case; some are faster but use much more memory)


Algorithms are the same EVERYWHERE. Even in non coding feilds. They are a set of instructions, which when followed, produce a predictable outcome.


Sancho Godinho Algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. Do you remember the algorithm set by Mark Zuckerberg's friend in a window? of which that algorithm we're used to create faceMash (website for ranking girls at Havard)?. Thats algorithms. every computer game has an engine mainly full of loops. These instructions are what called algorithms. https://study.com/academy/lesson/what-is-an-algorithm-definition-examples.html


algorithms are just sets of rules used to solve problems.


Sancho Godinho I think algorithm defines what coders thoughts are on a specific problem... I believe algorithms cn be written in any of the languages that are present on this planet now


The algorithm is nothing but a pseudo-code guides developer which type of code is effective Whether the recursive or non-recursive approach is effective Space complexity Time complexity Reliability of code How to make code reusable module How to reduce code The algorithm is the only weapon to identify the above factors The algorithm is a common language that makes developers understand the concept to create an application in their well-known programming language


Just this question search on google and in the discuss section of SOLOLEARN.


Algorithms are a set of instructions to do something, like a cake recipe.


Algorithms are text based and are not exactly codes. We use them inorder to understand our task and find a way to complete it. Though it's essential, these days Everyone directly jumps into code instead of creating an algorithm first. U use it inorder to understand how u're gonna build Ur program.... So basically it's not that important though 😜


Loosely: A series of steps or a breakdown to a problem into nice chewable chunks of instructions that a computer can understand also. The more efficient the better.


Algorithm in general terms is the step by step procedure to complete any task Before coding we first create an algorithm of our code


Think of it like a recipe. It's a set of rules that tells your computer what to do


An algorithm are a serie of steps to achieve something, the order of execution is important and each step is well defined.