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Facing a problem whith code writing in learning mode

I can not type any code in the learning mode. It shows me an error which is "something went wrong" Does anybody have any soloution for this?

10/21/2021 4:31:59 PM

Sina Ghiyasvand

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No, "try yourself" is free but there's a limit. If it never works, it is probably a bug. I don't have pro and I can use the try-youself feature


I think u are using a mod sololearn. If you want to run code on learning become a pro member


What is learning mode?


Do you mean you can't test code in the course? Could be a bug. Try to send a bug report to sololearn.


Lisa test code don't work if you are not a pro member and he is not. When i press them it brings an ad that you have to upgrade to pro


Lisa ohh okay didn't know that. I keep getting pop ups every time. I will contact solo learn


Thanks for your ideas. I could use that yesterday but today it happened to me and i do not know what to do


Probably is just problem with servers of SoloLearn, Try after some time again, if this continue contact support