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Is there any tips to improve my coding skills

I am civil engineer seeking for improvement in coding

10/19/2021 4:35:16 AM


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Practise everything you learn. Give yourself more time, don't rush anything. Learn from more than once source side by side, don't depend on a single source. If you can't learn or understand something, take a little rest and try again, don't give up learning that concept. All the best =)


1. Establish goals for yourself. Setting goals can boost your productivity as a developer. Ask yourself the following questions: • Why did you start programming? • What are your programming goals? • What dream do you want to achieve by becoming a developer? 2. Do it again… and again! Once you choose your goals, work on them as much as possible! The more your practice, the more you learn. Learning to code is a skill, and you can compare it to doing sports. If you want to be good at it and perform well at work, you should practice a lot. Try to practice coding daily, during your lunch break or after work. Even if it is only for one hour, if you create a habit and stick to it, you will see daily improvements. 3. Share what you learn/create. It's the best way to learn new things. Some ideas for sharing what you do: • Write blog articles • Join conferences or local meetups • Ask for feedback on StackOverflow


You can try to find the recourses you need from the Internet or any other source/websites If you're looking for knowledge, you can try searching for articles that are in your field, I find Medium useful for coding tips If you're looking for places to practice your skill, you can try the ones provided on the Internet, they're usually about problem solving If you're looking to make projects, I'd suggest reading/watching hands-on tutorials, that way you can practice and learn at the same time