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Managament information systems?

I'm studying MIS in college. is this a useful degree? we are learning C# at the moment and will learn data mining etc. since I am a beginner in coding, I want to hear opinions about information systems.

4/1/2017 11:42:07 PM


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I believe that it is. Data is a great area to focus on, as it will surely be what drives business in the years to come. I would certainly recommend computer science instead but make note that's a biased opinion. However, a CS degree would open up a lot more doors.


thanks for answering bErNbLeNd, I thought MIS was a subbranch of CS.(because they teach coding etc. in classes) Could you be more specific?


MIS sounds like a concentration or plan within CS. The CS degree could have a more traditional route of CS theory and math classes such as diffeq and calc 3, Or a focused route such as processing large amounts of data in an enterprise system that are more practical than theory


Your particular route sounds more business focused such as project management and mid level management of the sort