Am hello again am worried about learning coding and the reason is that I want to become a game maker and don't know which course | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Am hello again am worried about learning coding and the reason is that I want to become a game maker and don't know which course

I need help

10/7/2021 5:47:57 PM

Ahmed Asiimwe

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If you know nothing about programming or game development do not start with Unity. The Unity game engine is a large complicated game engine with a huge API. It is the equivalent of trying to teach someone to drive by strapping them into a high performance car and putting them on a race track; terrifying and usually ends in disaster. You have not mentioned what type of computer hardware you have access to. Developing games with heavyweight game engines like Unity and Unreal requires some serious hardware.


If you want to become a game developer, you should use a game engine because the work will be easier and you can learn c# for the Unity game engine or C++ for the Unreal game engine


Hello! Everyone has a beginning to their own programming journey and you shouldn't feel stressed about taking the steps towards turning your dream into a reality. What you really want to learn is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). OOP is code designed that specifies "real" objects. For example, if you wanted a game with a character, you would need to understand the concepts behind developing the characters values or code. If you want a character that can jump, you need to understand how objects move in space. The programming language I recommend for game development is C++ or C#. I come from a Java background so I have a personal preference towards C#, but most companies will use C++ for his speed and efficiency. This is also ties to an important concept to learn, portability, which is how portable your application is amongst various operating systems. I could write an application in C# but that doesn't mean that code can run anywhere I wanted on any phone, computer or system. Another aspect of game programming is the engine, aka the middle ware that handles performance specific code. The two main gaming engines that exist are Unreal and Unity, they also free for personal use. Unreal uses C++ and has been used for games such as Batman: Arkham Series, Fortnite, etc, Unity uses C# and has been used for games such as Call of Duty:Mobile, Among Us, etc. Whichever you choose will be beneficial as the core concepts of coding remain the same across different programming languages. Even if you learned C++ first, transitioning to a second programming language will be easier than when you first started programming. Hope this helps! -Jibraeel Abdelwahhab


Oh thanks