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Can someone see my code bit even if its private??

I was coding and i saw 30 viewers. And it getting increasing πŸ˜…. Is it happening to enyone else?

9/19/2021 8:14:23 PM

Kapama, Joshua

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Kapama, Joshua general views of private codes are your own views and or views of those whom you have asked for help from like in the q&a or in chatrooms. They may even may be codes you once shared publicly and was privatized due to self or another activity or a past offense. Another option could be a random tail creator that someone scripted either as a manual click to view or a bot. but as a general rule nobody other than you should be able to view your private code_bits. Here are a few related threads - There are more ...


Yes, other users count as views, too


If you view your own code, it counts as view, too


I think No If you not shared him/her as mention or sending link code


Cabdi Raxmaan Khaliif Tahliil mmh okay bro


No , if you save your code privately then no one can see your code


Lisa sth new, i didn't know that LisaπŸ€—, what about other visitors, aren't they affecting Nr of viewer's?


Hacker-KR4636 πŸ˜…πŸ˜… lets see what others would say about it



Mmhh, Good question. Sometimes, when I create a new project, after saving the project and close the Playground, if I open the project again, it shows more views than one or two, so this is a mystical topic, or maybe it's another bugπŸ˜‚ If you have a private project and you share its URL, rhen we can access to itπŸ˜€


BroFar thanks i get it now


i think you review your code 30 times like me πŸ˜† it has a bug on views