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I just want to hear some opinions about Ruby?

3/31/2017 11:08:52 PM


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simple efficient


Opinions well uhh, with my 3 months of experience with Ruby, It's quite fun, I can easily translate some CPP (You can also possibly translate other lang.) into Ruby code's, while coding I try not to look at tutorials instead I watch all tutorials and all I need to know before I start to code, well it'a good for you :D


I like cool software made in ruby like sass css preprocessor, I like gems, IMO i need only read ruby, not write code, syntax looks very strange for me.


Coding in Ruby is versatile, the fact that you don't need to follow indentantion, the similarities with Bash and Perl, the tons of modules and the fact that if you want master other softwares like Puppet you need to know it, make it great for me. The semplicity with Ruby On Rails to write a WebApp is also another good point. For me personally the real reason why I prefer Ruby over Python is because when I need to write quickly a script or a one line software I don't need to bother the form and the indentation and this help a lot, but don't fool yourself, and use the coding standards otherwise if you will need to debug a piece of code it will take ages. Another good point is documentation, if you want write webapps is much easier to find documentation for RoR than Django. Last point to remember, Ruby is slow, actually slower than Python, so if you need speed better to use another language like C/C++.