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Correct solutions was not accept

I masę projekt parking der code was correct but finally i font have acceptation in my list. Code was verified correctly

9/11/2021 10:56:03 AM

Remigiusz Majka

7 Answers

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Remek Where is your code?


I'm sure, there is an logical issue in your code. But nobody can help, if you don't show it. Best way is: copy from code coach and paste in your Kotlin playground. Then post the link here.


Damn, the ego it must take for a beginner to claim that their code is definitely correct and the app is wrong without even bothering to offer *any* evidence whatsoever. I wish I had ten percent of it.


@Remek you're chopping my braincells off translate from your native language to english


I tester code im playground. For diffrent input IT was bot correct but for verified input from test was correct do thanks for answers and i forget about playground .


Parking fee