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Boolean Algebra

What is the meaning from learning Boolean Algebra? Is it important? So I can put more attention on learning it

9/5/2021 1:28:42 PM


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Yeah you must! It's pretty important. I usually face it when working with multiple boolean flags in code. Let me give you a scenario that programmers often come across. There is this save button in a form and there are two boolean flags. Boolean: complete Boolean: correct. Now the form's save button will be disabled if form is not correct or not complete. I was puzzled when I saw that same condition can be represented two ways. Boolean: Disabled = !complete || !correct Is also same as Boolean: Disabled = !(complete && correct) So if we are not familiar with De-Morgan law and basic AND OR operations then we will trip up a lot. Boolean algebra is a very simple topic and programmers don't need to go that deep but programmers having awesome boolean algebra knowledge writes super performant codes. For electronic engineers who design circuit boards will have to understand everything there is to know about Boolean algebra. That's why it's often a dedicated topic in electronics courses.


Practicing boolean logics in Truth table is the ultimate way to practice boolean algebra.


Morpheus Thank you so much! I'll make sure to focus on learning it.


Martin Taylor Thank youu!!