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Is PHP is the best back-end programming language for web development???

I listened that about 60% of published website used php as a back-end and my mind raise this question. Is PHP is the best programming language for web development????

9/1/2021 9:42:04 AM


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Actually most people use WordPress and so its more accurate to say nearly 60% of websites use WordPress xD (nevermind) But if you are beginning to do backend i will suggest to go with nodejs . It will be easy for u to get started as you already know JavaScript (which i believe) That doesn't mean php is bad . Php is really good both have their own pros and cons the point that i am suggesting you to do nodejs just because you dont get stuck with which one would be right that will cease your productivity .


Best is a subjective term, however, market research by w3techs indicates that PHP is the most widely used server side programming language with 79% of market share. "If it isn't broken don't try to fix it" seems to be an appropriate saying in this case.


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Amansisa Tadese, I think PHP gains the usage majority because it was rather easier to code than the other back-end languages, also it was relatively lighter (in terms of storage cost), supports various databases, and also free. But I guess we can't say it is the best, because it has its own quirks. From what I've learned this far (which is just a little bit), syntax inconsistency is one thing that took me aback. Don't look for the best, look for one language you are more comfortable with or strong at. Then things will be easier because you are confident in coding with that language. If I may suggest bro, next time avoid posting an opinionated question rather than an actual question - about coding. Such topics are not expected in the forum as per the forum guidelines ...


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PHP (or you can say Hypertext Preprocessor) is a veteran player in the web development world. This open-source server-side scripting language and is specifically used for web development. As it is an interpreted language – it doesn’t require a compiler either and also it can run on almost every major operating system like Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, etc. Talking about the enriching features of PHP, there are so many such as easy to learn nature, cross-platform compatibility, OOPs features, support to various standard databases like MySQL, SQLite, etc. huge community support, and many others. Other than that, PHP is very much secure as a server-side scripting language as there are numerous hash functions available in PHP for the encryption of user’s data. In particular, if you’re a beginner – you can opt to go with PHP for backend web development. PHP Frameworks for Backend Web Development: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, etc. Popular websites that are using PHP: WordPress, MailChimp, Flic