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8/27/2021 10:46:27 PM

Cyber Secratches

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And your question is ❓


Spam! Note the username and the URL. There's nothing like promoting brand recognition as a spammer. I've no idea what secratches is supposed to mean. Perhaps they can't spell scratches or secrets?


@Martin Taylor spam? this sounds like advertisement and spam, which neither of them are allowed.


I didn't understand your question. Can you please elaborate ?


What this!?


@Rellot's screwdriver, that's what I said. It's spam. The term spam means mass unsolicited advertising and yes it is against the terms of use. The moderators will mark the thread for deletion. Subtlety is not this spammer's strong point. Imagine using your domain name as your account name when spamming. Spamming is also against the terms of use of blogspot/blogger. Perhaps if enough people or the mods complain to blogger we can get this blogger account terminated.