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what should i do next

in web development, so far I have learned HTML, CSS, and its frameworks, JS. what should be the next step? should I learn js framework or some backend language

8/27/2021 1:22:39 PM

Sneha Bhatnagar

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Better give a try to nodejs. (If your target is to become full stack web developer.) and make some projects. It totally depends on your will and wish to what to do next. We can only provide an openion that will vary from peer to peer.


If you have completed js, it will hardly take a month for js framework and you can apply as frontend developer else it will be mix ( not a complete frontend nor backend) so i will suggest to complete one first. And then git and portfolio then go to backend ( backend is not simple it has so many variations so it will be hard to get time to come back for react/vue/ angular.