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Back to school challenge.

Hi, I wanted to clarify, missed the first day. Does it make sense to do the rest of the days, will the challenge be valid without the first day? And will there be such an achievement as last year for completing the assignment? Thank you in advance.

8/27/2021 11:39:40 AM

Serhiy Lytvynov

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Khentit Nadji Sabri Do you know if there will be an achievement (BTS winner) this year too?


i find this year's back to school challenge more confusing than last year's i think i'm on day 7 but unsure i achieved the target each day, they have us go through the app doing something different each time so, good luck to all and happy coding


I dont know honestly.


U need just to have 15 days streak of learning in this period to get BTS streak badge.