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Sololearn certificate is official?

can I use it in my CV ...or I shouldn't?

3/30/2017 1:16:14 PM

Mohamed Asem

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yes solo certificates are online registered and have proof track record use it in your c.v. that will be helpful.


No, It's just a way to make you feel good with finishing a course. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



cv = resume .....translate it


you don't need a CV to start your own business, nor qualifications from SoloLearn :P these qualifications are not worth anything more than a sense of self satisfaction.


i don't know how to describe it better Google for cv


See what SoloLearn say about it in FAQ page here:


It's just a fun thing like a game goal for people to work towards while learning in the process.


@Theprogrammers CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. This is a written form of your life. You need to use CV to get a job in any company.


It's sad, but the sololearn courses are so basic that, sorry, it is not of standard


The certificate is signed by the sololearn founder, and it proves that you have completed a course.. Skills will be upgrading with time, it really has a big value, so of course you can add it to your resume!!!


Skill matters in this situation


I use for extracurricular activities in college.


actually,I think that in a CV is better place some info about your entire account as you are a member of this comunity.A some HR can take a look at your activity and also if your certificates are valid ;)


generally in your CV add the skill not the certificate only few certificates are important to be added like some Network certificates ex. CCNA certificate or the professional certificates ex. pmp certificate .


Its just a certificate to make u interest in it.. Nothing else


I think you are better off writing code based on what you learned. But you can 'combo' them, like here is my proof that I took the course and here is what i did with it. Shows you can apply knowledge.


I cant say alot, but the certs really boosted my confidence to a level that i even used them to acquire a job in an IT company. I guess they can still help somewhere


No, this is just verifiable certification that you have completed the course. Nothing more βœ”βœ”


what's a cv