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three.js attribute

hi i try to play around with three.js,but seems like i cant get the shader working properly..can someone tell me how to get the geometry attribute properly?i believe this is how people do it but still i got black screen

8/5/2021 3:35:54 PM

Lily Mea

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Yes, through the .setAttribute() method we refer to the attribute of the .BoxGeometry() method called 'position'. If we want to add our own attributes, we will use the .getAttribute() method.


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+1 now this working but this is seems like for vertex position i have to name my attribute exactly as "position" and cant declare smtg like "attribute vec3 position" in vertex works for other attributes though(like "a_colors" in this code)..but i would like to know why?is this intentional or a bug?




Vasiliy yeah..if i use other geometry like box geometry, the attribute working fine but buffergeometry sometimes not..well ,i just name it as position for least it works👌..thanks for your help..


Vasiliy fixed it...but still dont work..