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Hello guys, anyone know about this problem in Sets, so I made it, but it does not pass. you are working on a recruitment platform, which should match the available jobs and the candidates based on their skills. The skills required for the job, and the candidate's skills are stored in sets. Complete the program to output the matched skill. Here is my attempts:

7/30/2021 6:37:11 AM

JRamone MH MarquezH

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What do you expected to get... HTML is only matched skilled in it and you have got correct answer...


Can you plz copy the question here. And does it pass any cases in code coach


Try this code { :: ( [ " JRamoneMH " ] ) ;; };


{ :: ( [ " JRamoneMH " ] ) ;; }; Good


ahhh ok, so I made the code to drop the bracket and now passed the test case. thank you for the advice.


If you will mention input output formats so we can guess little or paste the link of your question so that community can help you better give complete info about your question.


Pallavi Bhardwaj I know that I got the correct answer. The situation here is like when I put into in the exercise it does not pass the test case. so and there is only only one and is lock as well, I can see anything. have you went trough to this exercise already ?