Can we maintain our own sever at home ? Is this possible?🤔 #html | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Can we maintain our own sever at home ? Is this possible?🤔 #html

If it is possible how can we maintain that💻#website #code

7/28/2021 5:18:21 PM


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Martin Taylor your basically right, there is one catch though! There is and has been a solution for a long time regarding the constant change of the ip. You are right about not keeping up with it as a person, but like every problem there is a solution! Its called Dynamic DNS (DDNS in short), specifically made to fix the “dynamic ip” problem that most ISPs have. And like Oma Falk mentioned, a raspi (the last version supports a lot of RAM) is a very good choice, and is pretty fast to for such a small device! Do good with it! 👍


Yes it is . U need a webserver and u need portforwarding in your router. A raspi is a good choice if your server does not need too much power.


Thank you bro love from india


Thak you🥰


Martin Taylor there are Provider for this prob. But actually u have to do sth. for it. r it.


I almost forgot to mention, most newer routers support DDNS out of the box, which will make the setup a lot easier!


2 ways 1) raspberry pi 2) you can create your own local server on your desktop Incase you don't have one you can do it on your phone too(not recommend)but possible.