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Basic Guide List for Beginner

i have seen many similiar question from beginner. so i decided to make this list. Feel free to post your own guide to help beginner

3/30/2017 1:25:11 AM

Agus Mei

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This post should get to the top! It's very helpful @Agus.


1. Choosing your first Language You can choose any language. if you can't decided here the guide : HTML is used to make web structure. CSS is used to give style or animate web JAVASCRIPT is used to make dynamic web (you can even make game) PHP is server side scripting language SQL is database manajemen in server side C++ is multiplatform OOP based programming language (you can make many app including Games) C# is more spesific (windows os) than C++ Java is used to build app that can run on any devices (including Android). JAVA is not JAVASCRIPT Python is multiplatform OOP based programming languages with easy syntax (compared to other OOP Language) Swift is for building apple / IOS app


4. Language difficulty this is my list of difficult Language (maybe different with your choice) C++ C# JAVA for less difficult one Python Swift Ruby Javacript for list of easy Language HTML CSS RUBY SQL


5. Please don't be rude to other. no hatred whatsoever is allowed here. community can give you downvote if give inappropriate Question, Answer, or Comment.


6. Don't be afraid to ask question. Many will help you to solve your problem. Some even make a joke. so its error friendly community.


3. you can increase your xp by completing course (without hint), challenge other, writing code and get upvote on your answer/question in Q&A Discussion.


2. English only Language there is only one language version of Sololearn that is English. The developer team don't add other language yet. if you has any problem asking question in English, use google translate. Alternatively you can ask one of the person in your local leaderboard.


First and foremost: learn English! My eyes bleed when I read most comments, and I am not even a native English speaker.


@ Max Translates "Do you have Russian?"


Nice post! We also should make a post with common questions that most beginners ask (if there isn't one). What is OOP? Are Java and Javascript the same? Differences between C++ and C# and so on


Thank you ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™‚๏ธ


Thank you !!


Practice is best method to learn ๐Ÿ˜‰


IT S A GREAT POST. you are right! java is very hard from the start till end, any learners can see that ( system.out.println) in python, you'just got to write ( print....) while in C : #include<stdio.h> int main() { ptintf("hello world"); return 0; } what i suggest ; anyone who want to code must try to run" hello world" in most popular programming language and the choice will be easy. thanks


great post!




hey there I'm weak at programming sometimes i forget things too easily is there a way to understand coding. ... on the use of PHP and JavaScript.


which language is better java cor or script ?? any suggestions


@Agus Mei: Fantastic idea and post :) I especially like the first point with the short summary of the available languages. I had no idea what Swift is (I am not an Apple person), or that C# is for Windows OS. Thanks. :) ~°~°~ @colin dordy: Yes, the "Hello World" programm is definitely a must at the beginning of learning a programming language, or rather tradition. ;) But I personally wouldn't focus too much on it and I also don't think that it should influence a beginner's choice too seriously, since it doesn't tell you much about what the language is capable of or best suitable for. And if someone starts coding with a specifiy goal in mind it might be frustrating when realizing later that the chosen language isn't any good for that particular goal. (Which basically happened to me at the very very beginning, so that's why I needed to say this. ๐Ÿ˜‹) ~°~°~ What I experienced to be very helpful at the beginning, was learning about loops and data types, etc. using easily understandable pseudo code first before seeing it applied in any specific programming language. (That's how one of my professors at university thaught an introductory course to R.) So I knew what an array is and what a for loop does way before seeing it in action. Although it was totally the opposite of "learning by doing", it softened the blow a bit when seeing the weird programming syntax for the first time.


thanks for the info its a big help Iโ€™ve just started learning and hoping to get into university to learn computer science in september. im starting with html as it seems the easiest and ive just bought a raspberry pi to also learn on ๐Ÿ˜Š happy learning everyone