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Course progress reset

I can't seem to find a course reset option anywhere. On Android, I found a remove option to remove the course from my selected courses. On PC, I found a delete option under course management. But both of these seem to only move the course out of view and when I go back to said course, my progress is right where it was. As for the reason, I just want the app to track my progress and to be able to work the projects from new again. It's been about a year since I was first going through the course and I don't recall the material. Just looking for a fresh start and course tracking. Any help is appreciated.

7/24/2021 4:02:31 PM

Dave Hathcock

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Lord Krishna Sir, I meant pc version. But that's what op mentioned in description. I missed to notice it. Delete option is similar to remove option in app version. I think they removed reset progress from both App and Web versions recently :(


Can we contact SoloLearn to bring this option back? I need it.


I can confirm Simba's finding in v4.8.1 of android app. Simba How do you reset the course progress on the website? I cannot find the option in the current (mobile) website

+12 For users who might not know how to install older versions, Uninstall the sololearn app, than download and install the apk from the upper link


The loss of XP isn't a factor in my mind because I plan to do the course again and thereby earn the XP back. Plus it's just a random number whereas I'm trying to expand my knowledge of the language. Also, I've tried the method that you are suggesting and the reset progress option is just not there. Is this a new issue? Was it recently removed or am I having an Android vs iPhone issue? Can someone verify that they still see the Reset Progress option available as of today? Or maybe another workaround.


Thanks again for clearing everything up. I installed version 4.7.6 and the option was there. I reset the progress of the course and updated back to 4.8.1, and the progress is still reset. Not a great workaround, but it definitely worked.


this is so sad. After a break I want to start from the beginning I am also a Pro Subsciber and its not possible


I find it strange that I don't. I wonder what the issue could be. I'm currently still in my 2 week trial of Pro version so maybe that's it. It seems like that would be a strange UI difference between phone brands. Also, like I said I definitely tried from my PC and all I saw there was delete and when I pulled it back up it had my progress still. Maybe it's something they did away with and grandfathered people into.


My menu from the top right only has: Glossary, Make available offline, Share, Create shortcut. So you're saying that yours currently has another option for Reset Progress on it?


Well, I appreciate the help. At least I know that I'm not losing my mind anymore. I'll submit feedback about it and hope to get an answer from someone.


Thanks for clearing things up. Can anyone confirm the latest version that still had Reset Progress option? I'm going to try and download from apkmirror and see if it still works.


I am on android and also havent got this button anymore. I would have needed it for a course that i did a long time ago and i want to do it again


I dont think so, but in the way I wrote, you can do it


mine only says delete, and it doesnt do anything to my progress


I am showing you. Wait a while.


I literally wrote the answer above


I'm using OnePlus 8 phone. Missing progress resetting option so much.


K, Jay Matthews I don't get why and I had no bad intensions 🤔 oh well doesn't rly matter anyway


commenting to support bringing this feature back.


At first, go to your Sololearn android app and open it and then go to your desired course by clicking on that course name and on the top-right side showing three dot sign ... And click... Now you will see the reset options... Just touch on reset. Make sure your solo learn app is updated. Thanks