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How Do I run Lex and yacc programs on a Chromebook?

7/24/2021 11:57:22 AM

Mohit Gehilot

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I am going to give the best advice I can, which is simply don't code on a Chromebook, they are not built to run any code really, and other than a Linux based work around you will not get anywhere. Just by typing anything with the words "Chromebook" and "Programming" you can find two types of suggestions, give up and get a different device, or spend an incredible amount of time to set up Linux on your Chromebook only to have an under powered device, with little to no support for what you want to do, truly I am sorry.


If this is not the kind of answers you are looking for, I understand, I am simply trying to assist to the best of my ability. ( Given the fact, that you probably have more experience with Lex and yacc than me.)


Yes noah hulvey you are right . Those devices are too much slow to do programming..And also you said the right thing about searching those two words .. They never just match😂 Thanks for the advice..will be sharing to those who want to know what really happens on chromebook for programming