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What to learn next in front end development?

I have completed 2 years in college of 3 years of diploma and then I had to stop my studies and work to help family. I have restarted my programming journey now as self taught developer. I have good knowledge of languages like Java, c# and php. But I want to be focused only on front end development. I have good grasp on html css, bootstrap and plain Javascript. What should I learn next to advance my skills and start work as an independent freelancer as an front end developer.

7/19/2021 4:45:45 AM


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Looks like you've learn all the tools needed for making a beautiful frontend page/site. So, now what's next? To apply your knowledge by making new small projects with the skills that you acquired and the one that you have mentioned above. Implementation is one of the most important things. Just having the knowledge or knowing about something is not enough. Off-topic, I have seen many people putting various skills set for example programming language in their portfolio only after learning to write some basic program like "hello world" or little bit advanced codes like finding factorial etc. Also, you will need to make a good portfolio so to atrract some clients in your freelancer journey. So better start making small projects and use them as your portfolio. All the best! 🌸