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SoloLearn Tabs Replacing Spaces

In any code that has many spaces, will be replaced by tabs when you go back to the code. This can mess up code, especially if it is within the “pre” element. When you make your code that has many spaces in a row and save it, it will look the way you typed it, but after closing the app and going back to the code, the spaces will be replaced by tabs. Example: <pre>text followed by 6 spaces text</pre> After closing the app and coming back: <pre>text followed by 6 spaces text</pre> How to prevent this?

7/17/2021 5:36:41 PM


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Katz321Juno This looks good to me. I see spaces in the editor and in the preview. The preview looks aligned.


Katz321Juno OK then. The only option is to contact the official support team, as I mentioned earlier.


Katz321Juno Yes, it is.


Katz321Juno Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the bug. It would be great if you could send this post, your app version, platform name and maybe a video to [email protected] I'm not sure if developers read Q&A discussions, but they do read emails 🙂


Katz321Juno Looks messy. Are you using an iOS device? Are you sure that this is a SoloLearn's issue? To check this, you can upload your code to and see if the issue is reproduced there using Chrome and Safari.


Use this html entity instead of hitting an actual tab button: &#9; Example: <pre>this text is followed by 1&#9;tab</pre>


Igor Makarsky this is what I see.


Igor Makarsky I think it is the app. I went to the url I first mentioned, but without the “?ref=app” in Safari, requested the desktop site, and I saw that it was as I originally wrote the code. The code and output were both aligned and spaced correctly.


But I don’t use the tab button, it replaces spaces with tabs in the code. Is that entity a tab?


Igor Makarsky ok. The only possible solution would be for the developers to modify the app’s code to stop it from automatically converting 4 spaces into tabs, or add a setting to do that.


Igor Makarsky I first noticed it here They were all spaces apart to line up.