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Data Structures

C++ Can someone please explain to me data structure in simple terms and are there any data structures in this app I can surf on/work


7/13/2021 8:41:39 PM


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What data structures are and which are common can simply be looked up, e.g.: The app has a series of user-made lessons on a variety of them, the simpler ones have (basic) sample implementations in different languages. Here is the introduction: Decent knowledge of pointers and dynamic memory management, maybe templates, will be helpful if you are looking to implement some in C++.


But in simple terms I dont like using wikipedia everything is confusing


There are two ways of creating data structures in C++. You can use the older C struct keyword or you can use the object oriented C++ class keyword. The Sololearn C++ course does not cover struct but it is covered in the C course in the sections "Structures and Unions" the C++ course covers classes and templates though. Entire books have been written on data structures so a generic "tell me about data structures in simple terms" is not going to get you anywhere. Just keep working your way through the C and C++ courses and you will get to them. Just take it one step at a time and don't try to run before you can walk. When you reach these sections if there is anything specific you do not understand just post a question. The C++ course does not cover the C or C++ standard libraries or standard template library in any detail. The standard template library in particular offers a number of common data structures and algorithms.