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How much notifications you get per night??

notifications on Sololearn .Just curious :D. I get around 40.

3/29/2017 8:24:35 AM

Meharban Singh

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99+ last night 99+ this morning 99+ after @Frost and @Chirag storm 99+ after @Ram and @Washika Super Storm 99+ after @Nikhil storm and other incoming


@Krishna I see that you have been assimilated =^= *Laughs in Darth Sidious*


same like @agus mei. ~_~


regularly more than 30 but this morning I get 99+


Due to the like stormy weather in Sololearn these days, I am seeing 99+ notifications every morning.


Maximum 5-6 :(


You guys are pro! that's why these happen to you!!👌👏


I get like 15+ likes from Giorgi, 10 likes from Frost and another bunch from Washika.Thanks guys.