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What is Sololearn's code repo? I know we can play with it in the HTML course to make a CV but is it present in other courses and can we work it like a git repo or what?

6/23/2021 5:43:32 PM


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I think repo for them just means a long project that they would build from ground up.And update it per lesson or so. not like github repo or something like that. its just a misnomer i guess. its same like that contact form page that we built with with css i guess...


ChillPill At the moment I can't share more information about this new feature. But I found this: I will try to find out more about this stuff and hope I can amswer you why it is called repo.


Code repo is just a CV project in html course. In this project we have to build a html markup for making a CV . it looks like this.


thanks. i read the article and unfortunatly i still dont get why it is called a repo to be honest. seems like it s a code playground saved piece of code with a new privacy tag("public", "private", "repo?") and only for courses.


ChillPill I showed your question Shahane. She will ask the team to give an explanatory answer.


oh yes rkk. it s pro. i see that now. i mean it s pretty good for those who might begin in sololearn to help them learn html quickly. i hope no one gets offended by me not seeing the repo ressemblance. by the way rkk, im pretty sure you have learned html perfectly by now, so you probably dont miss anything major. unless you care about the 250xp that comes with it.


ok thanks alot Denise. 👌


"Code Repo is available when you subscribe to SoloLearn PRO. Check it out today by starting your free trial." PRO feature "I'm out" lol :')


Yeah that was my feeling as well. So i still wonder why is it called a repo then?


Prashanth Kumar yes i think the intent could have been as you said. it could have been named "a saved file" instead but "repo" coupled with a "commit" button sounds much cooler i guess. although there is no repo versioning system to keep track of changes nor can we have multiple users code on same repo: it s truly just a plain code saved file.


It seems to be interactive version of the Blog project that was there before.