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Is it necessary to study languages like C and C++ now that high level languages like python are here?

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First of all, even C and C++ are high level languages. Python is not better or higher level than C/C++ (amd vice versa), it is simply a different language with different semantics. Secondly, Python and C/C++ are used for different fields, so if you want to go into a field where C++ is used, learning Python is of no use.


Dear me, comments like "now that high level languages like python are here" really show your lack of knowledge. I'm willing to take a guess that Python is older than you are. Python was introduced in Feb 1991 making it 30 years old. Python is older than Java (1995), JavaScript (1995), and C# (2000). Yet Python has failed to make the market penetration of any of those "newer" languages. While it makes no sense to compare Python with C/C++/C# or Java, since these are all compiled languages, Python and JavaScript are both scripting languages and can be compared. Yet Netscape decided to create a new language for use in their browser rather than use an existing one such as Python. The rest is history. There are many scripting languages available and Python is no better or worse than any of these, it just seems to have a louder fan base. You will find that operating systems, high performance applications and commercial software tends not to be written in scripting languages. Companies seem to prefer that the source code for their intellectual property is not freely handed over to the competition.


Allan 🔥STORMER🔥🔥🔥🔥 C and C++ most widely used in Embedded Programming and Robotics so yes if you want to make carrier in embedded programming or robotics then definitely yes. See here C and C++ are at top programming languages


C and C++ are faster and much more memory efficient than Python; the comparatively less amount of features also forces the programmer to use dynamic programming, which actually improves the code efficiency. Now, talking about code efficiency, would it have been possible for CPython to replace C and C++ if CPython was made not so long after C was made? By CPython, I mean the new language similar to Python, which can be compiled.


It is best to know both, they each have their advantages. While python is more fluid when it comes to object bassed programing. C and the like are much more powerful. I would suggest learning JS, C++, and Python. Knowing them will make you more valuable to employers in the future


C++ language is way better than python because c++ is compilled language and python is not compilled it also uses interpreter that's why it is slow language in running code but c++ code ran fast than python and Java programs 😜


yes brother,each language has their importance. Master 2 3 and learn as much you can


Yes it is, because C and C++ are very base languages... When the base is clear , you can do anything you want.. But it's up to you what kind of language you choose..


There is this thing with the programming languages some get fame over time it is python's turn to get the glory. but maybe who knows, tomorrow might be another language's turn. So reign while you still can Py?


Yes it gives you good grip but, still c and c++ are optional


I don't see any point in the word "necessary" . Like , necessary about what ? I think first u have to make sure that WHY r u coding . For fun ? For job interview ? For boasting about programming ? Specially as u say it's about high level languages . If u know the answer to that , then ur question is solved 😌


I finally found a colleague who also believes that the antiquated languages C and C ++ can be thrown in the garbage can. Nobody needs them anymore anyway. After all, Python is the future.


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