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An appropiate question form

Hello, I've seen many question that don't answer the basic format of an appropriate question: 1. Your title should be short and understandable. 2. Your tags should not contain is, the, etc. 3. Dont tag C# as C etc. 4. Your description should explain the title and/or give examples. 5. Be specific in your questions, if its a bug in the code, send a link to the code or at least the bugged part. 6. Your questions should be about programming (or any other RELEVANT topic). 7. It should be a question/relevant

3/28/2017 6:22:35 AM

Eldar Bakerman

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8. Your question should not contain mistype (understandable not understudable and should not shouls) 9. Don't be rude 10.If one of the rule above is not applied, just move on. We are all making mistake anyway.


Bro ! number 7 ! youre going against the rules, already ! (jk)


Lol you broke 6 and 7 rules. It's very useful for beginners by the way.


I do agree with 1,2,4,5,6. I do not agree with 3, cuz people can ask questions about programming languages which are not Sololearn courses. And 7, they are called threads, not questions... I have a thread saying I announce a new game... What is the problem with that? Also, your thread is not a question, is it? However, these rules are great :)


Another point: You shouldn't ask for direct solution of your assignment problems without showing what you've tried so far.


good luck enforcing those rules




So I guess this is Trending now? 😕


It's not necessary to have 6 in this list. The lack of a forum at Sololearn forces many of us to use the Q&A section for the purpose. This section has been converted to a chat thread, joke forum, code notifications and what not.


Great Thinking! @Everyone


Maybe there could be a supplementary comment to only post questions in English. At least for the time being when there are no non-English-supported forums yet. Or at least should be preceded with a language tag in Latin, like [RU], [PL], [ES], etc. This way it could save it from being downvoted right away :)



Additional, I'd like to mention my oooold post again:


I don't agree with 7, reason = no chat or dm... 6 I'm half and half on, reason = no chat or dm... 2 It's a tag who cares?? The rest I agree with....👍


Completely agree with 1,2,4,5,6. But I don't get what 3 means. And, there can be exceptions for 7 sometimes.


Maybe spelling should be another. You misspeled community in your tag.


1. And context? I had trouble with "form": Webform...typo 'from' and omitting 'whom'? I wouldn't have worried about it but: "Formulating/Forming an appropriate question" makes more sense to me...sticking on 'appropriate' then. 2.Unpopular tags will stay that way. Magic of algorithms. 3. It's C♯, not C#. Somebody with (far better? or worse?) "details matter" experience did that to everybody, in the same way people misunderstand \ vs /. It doesn't help #'s easier, with >= 7 names and it's abbreviated CS (means: "Computer Science"); so maybe better to gently teach alertness (details like: must've isn't short for "must of") ...without rubbing it in. 4. Also affects email. And bug reports. I try to imagine askers thinking: "I had no idea that was related" or "I don't even understand what I'm being asked to provide" ...without scaring them off a task "already hard + now people are mad at me". Confounded by Python requiring exact whitespace and SoloLearn Discussions using proportional-width fonts. Compare: Not trying at all...that's different. 5. Beginner's don't know where CodePlayground is, or that the "<" thing is "share". Or how to go link shorten ( (C-Sharp logo)) without losing your place. Maybe there should be a compulsory introduction. 6. SoloLearn has featured Joke of the Day in the past. Who can say if that means anything? It doesn't fit though. Sites going "too meta" often split into new channels; popular community preferences leading to new areas 'for' that sort of thing. 7. Something I once heard from an officer: "You aren't the police. That's OUR job." * * You could say I have too much experience to be here, when I have essentials to learn like anybody else.


Correct! I have seen countless questions that do not fit this format. Thanks for posting this!


Yeah it remove some ridiculous questions


Thanks! ☺😃